Every online casino player knows that before you can win, you’ve got to get in. And when it comes to getting in, Casino Moons Casino, opens all the virtual doors.

About Casino Moons Banking

It only takes mere minutes to get up and going to all the exciting games at this casino. For fastest results when it comes to getting your deposits approved instantly, then either Visa, American Express, Maestro or MasterCard is up to the task. Depending on which card you use, you might incur a minimal processing fee. Regardless of which card you use, the minimum deposit is ten dollars. The benefit of using either these credit cards or debit cards, means that your deposits will be approved instantly.

If you wish to bank with a credit card, you will need to fill out and submit a credit card validation form with the cashier. The requirements of the credit card validation form is proof of a government sanctioned identification with a photo. In addition, you will need a copy of some form of utility bill, no more than three months old. Casino Moons also accepts credit and debit card vouchers and gift cards that are no more than 6 months old.

And for even more instant processing results, players have the Bitcoin option. Because Bitcoin is not based on any actual currency, the deposit process is sped up for it does not need to interface with any bank, nor any financial institution. Instead, players just need to have a Bitcoin Wallet and a current email address to deposit funds and receive winnings. Even better, Bitcoin handles all this in under five minutes.

About The Withdrawals

And when it comes time to receive your well deserved winnings, Casino Moon allows its members to utilize a bank wire, a traditional paper check or an e check. If you opt for the bank wire, it incurs a $23 processing fee and it requires a minimum withdrawal of $500. Processing can take up to five days. If you choose the paper check, then you will pay a $20 processing fee. This method requires a minimum withdrawal of $300. This method can take up to a week to process. And depending on how much you withdraw, electronic checks will require either a ten dollar fee for withdrawals under a $1,000, or a $20 fee for withdrawals that exceed a $1,000. The minimum withdrawal with this method is $100 and it can take between 3-5 business days to process.

And for those in the VIP club, you can enjoy increased withdrawal limits depending on which level you are on. Basic level members can withdrawal up to $500. Silver level members, can take out up to $750. Gold members can take out to $1,000. Titanium level members have up to a cool $10,000, and master level players have the unique option to have custom amount of withdrawals at Casino Moon casino.